It makes sens,
is consistent and
has passion »

Seen by
Fabienne Antoniewski journalist

Here’s an interesting take on perfume! An approach that changes the traditional refrains about seduction, hedonism and other credos that we’ve been bombarded with for so long. By choosing this point of view, Pierre Aulas (the eminence grise behind Thierry Mugler and Chloé fragrances) questions nevertheless the same driving forces behind our olfactory customs. But he does so with intelligence, lightness and especially with the finesse of an accomplished professional which is translated as much by the quality of the “juices” used in the perfumes as by that of the project in its entirety.
Winks coming from wordplay and cultural allusions in artistic references, the name of each of his 7 perfumes that make up the EGOFACTO collection already gives you a taste of the spirit of the brand.
POOPOO PIDOO, FOOL FOR LOVE,   ME MYSELF AND I, PRENDS GARDE A TOI,    SACRE CŒUR, PIEGE A FILLES    et  JAMAIS LE DIMANCHE    come with a sense of humour and at least as much poetry, the conscious and unconscious facets of our relationship with seduction.
But what makes this story even more enjoyable is that it does not content itself with stylistic threads to enter the big brotherhood of niche perfumes. The promise is kept; it makes sense, is consistent and has passion in every aspect down to the tiniest detail. From conception to realization, it is completely coherent and it is exactly here that EGOFACTO wins the bet of this supposedly alternative perfumery, sometimes regrettably fonder of labels and media buzz than rigorous aesthetics of the "olfactive thing ".
It’s beautiful, ambitious but not excessively so, singular but neither obscure nor experimental. In short, in this day and age, suffice to say, an authentic curiosity in the fragrance world.