His choice will lead him towards original "juices", with strong character».

All roads led to EGOFACTO

In parallel with his perfume development consulting company, Pierre decided to launch in 2009 his own brand, with the support of his inner circle and friends in the perfume business. His choice led him towards original blends, with feisty characters. His wish, besides that of finally creating his own brand and the aesthetic universe which accompanies it, was that everyone recognizes themself

in a fragrance without recognizing it on their neighbors. One brand, 7 perfumes, 7 personalities, one affirmation of self, a true declaration of Ego. Musician, artist, perfume expert, Pierre loves to transmit his passions and share his emotions. He doesn't hesitate to take the floor to present a perfume, talk about a fabrication process, and respond to questions from each and everyone. He continues to learn, to work tirelessly to be a better musician, a better ceramist and a better fragrance creator.