Pierre Aulas
and ceramics

Within the past 10 years, Pierre felt the need to complement his scented evanescence activity by exploring raw materials via artistic expression. A passion more recent than perfume, but no less voracious, has thus blossomed for him with ceramics.

For the past 7 years he has taken throwing and glazing classes, discovered the riches of porcelain, stone- and earthenware, and then specialized in raku, at the same time crude and poetic.

Pierre Aulas has even installed a complete workshop in his country house in Burgundy so he can really indulge in this ascetic exercise whenever time permits.

In order to create the 300 unique pieces for his First Collection of candles, Pierre spent more than a year throwing and glazing them himself, surrounded
by his friends, Master Ceramists Anne-Claire
Martin and Jean-Paul Bornier.